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Symbol Demo

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Symbol Demo



The document tests symbols available in selected fonts.

Notice: This demo specifically does not set any fallback font on the formatter for characters that do not exist in the specific font. You may see characters on the web page in the following example that do not come through in the PDF. This means that the font selected does not contain that character. This is by design.
space [x0020] ! exclam [x0021] # numbersign [x0023]
% percent [x0025] & ampersand [x0026] ( parenleft [x0028]
) parenright [x0029] + plus [x002B] , comma [x002C]
. period [x002E] / slash [x002F] 0 zero [x0030]
1 one [x0031] 2 two [x0032] 3 three [x0033]
4 four [x0034] 5 five [x0035] 6 six [x0036]
7 seven [x0037] 8 eight [x0038] 9 nine [x0039]
: colon [x003A] ; semicolon [x003B] < less [x003C]
= equal [x003D] > greater [x003E] ? question [x003F]
[ bracketleft [x005B] ] bracketright [x005D] _ underscore [x005F]
{ braceleft [x007B] | bar [x007C] } braceright [x007D]
¬ logicalnot [x00AC] ° degree [x00B0] ± plusminus [x00B1]
× multiply [x00D7] ÷ divide [x00F7] ƒ florin [x0192]
Α Alpha [x0391] Β Beta [x0392] Γ Gamma [x0393]
Δ Delta [x0394] Ε Epsilon [x0395] Ζ Zeta [x0396]
Η Eta [x0397] Θ Theta [x0398] Ι Iota [x0399]
Κ Kappa [x039A] Λ Lambda [x039B] Μ Mu [x039C]
Ν Nu [x039D] Ξ Xi [x039E] Ο Omicron [x039F]
Π Pi [x03A0] Ρ Rho [x03A1] Σ Sigma [x03A3]
Τ Tau [x03A4] Υ Upsilon [x03A5] Φ Phi [x03A6]
Χ Chi [x03A7] Ψ Psi [x03A8] Ω Omega [x03A9]
α alpha [x03B1] β beta [x03B2] γ gamma [x03B3]
δ delta [x03B4] ε epsilon [x03B5] ζ zeta [x03B6]
η eta [x03B7] θ theta [x03B8] ι iota [x03B9]
κ kappa [x03BA] λ lambda [x03BB] μ mu [x03BC]
ν nu [x03BD] ξ xi [x03BE] ο omicron [x03BF]
π pi [x03C0] ρ rho [x03C1] ς sigma1 [x03C2]
σ sigma [x03C3] τ tau [x03C4] υ upsilon [x03C5]
φ phi [x03C6] χ chi [x03C7] ψ psi [x03C8]
ω omega [x03C9] ϑ theta1 [x03D1] ϒ Upsilon1 [x03D2]
ϕ phi1 [x03D5] ϖ omega1 [x03D6] bullet [x2022]
ellipsis [x2026] minute [x2032] second [x2033]
fraction [x2044] Euro [x20AC] Ifraktur [x2111]
weierstrass [x2118] Rfraktur [x211C] aleph [x2135]
arrowleft [x2190] arrowup [x2191] arrowright [x2192]
arrowdown [x2193] arrowboth [x2194] carriagereturn [x21B5]
arrowdblleft [x21D0] arrowdblup [x21D1] arrowdblright [x21D2]
arrowdbldown [x21D3] arrowdblboth [x21D4] universal [x2200]
partialdiff [x2202] existential [x2203] gradient [x2207]
element [x2208] emptyset [x2205] notelement [x2209]
suchthat [x220B] product [x220F] summation [x2211]
minus [x2212] asteriskmath [x2217] radical [x221A]
proportional [x221D] infinity [x221E] angle [x2220]
logicaland [x2227] logicalor [x2228] intersection [x2229]
union [x222A] integral [x222B] therefore [x2234]
similar [x223C] congruent [x2245] approxequal [x2248]
notequal [x2260] equivalence [x2261] lessequal [x2264]
greaterequal [x2265] propersubset [x2282] propersuperset [x2283]
notsubset [x2284] reflexsubset [x2286] reflexsuperset [x2287]
circleplus [x2295] circlemultiply [x2297] perpendicular [x22A5]
dotmath [x22C5] integraltp [x2320] integralbt [x2321]
angleleft [x2329] angleright [x232A] lozenge [x25CA]
spade [x2660] club [x2663] heart [x2665]
diamond [x2666] registerserif [xF6DA] trademarkserif [xF6DB]
radicalex [xF8E5] arrowvertex [xF8E6] arrowhorizex [xF8E7]
registersans [xF8E8] trademarksans [xF8EA] parenlefttp [xF8EB]
parenleftex [xF8EC] parenleftbt [xF8ED] integralex [xF8F5]
parenrighttp [xF8F6] parenrightex [xF8F7] parenrightbt [xF8F8]
a1 [x2701] a2 [x2702] a202 [x2703]
a3 [x2704] a4 [x260E] a5 [x2706]
a119 [x2707] a118 [x2708] a117 [x2709]
a11 [x261B] a12 [x261E] a13 [x270C]
a14 [x270D] a15 [x270E] a16 [x270F]
a105 [x2710] a17 [x2711] a18 [x2712]
a19 [x2713] a20 [x2714] a21 [x2715]
a22 [x2716] a23 [x2717] a24 [x2718]
a25 [x2719] a26 [x271A] a27 [x271B]
a28 [x271C] a6 [x271D] a7 [x271E]
a8 [x271F] a9 [x2720] a10 [x2721]
a29 [x2722] a30 [x2723] a31 [x2724]
a32 [x2725] a33 [x2726] a34 [x2727]
a35 [x2605] a36 [x2729] a37 [x272A]
a38 [x272B] a39 [x272C] a40 [x272D]
a41 [x272E] a42 [x272F] a43 [x2730]
a44 [x2731] a45 [x2732] a46 [x2733]
a47 [x2734] a48 [x2735] a49 [x2736]
a50 [x2737] a51 [x2738] a52 [x2739]
a53 [x273A] a54 [x273B] a55 [x273C]
a56 [x273D] a57 [x273E] a58 [x273F]
a59 [x2740] a60 [x2741] a61 [x2742]
a62 [x2743] a63 [x2744] a64 [x2745]
a65 [x2746] a66 [x2747] a67 [x2748]
a68 [x2749] a69 [x274A] a70 [x274B]
a71 [x25CF] a72 [x274D] a73 [x25A0]
a74 [x274F] a203 [x2750] a75 [x2751]
a204 [x2752] a76 [x25B2] a77 [x25BC]
a78 [x25C6] a79 [x2756] a81 [x25D7]
a82 [x2758] a83 [x2759] a84 [x275A]
a97 [x275B] a98 [x275C] a99 [x275D]
a100 [x275E] a101 [x2761] a102 [x2762]
a103 [x2763] a104 [x2764] a106 [x2765]
a107 [x2766] a108 [x2767] a112 [x2663]
a111 [x2666] a110 [x2665] a109 [x2660]
a120 [x2460] a121 [x2461] a122 [x2462]
a123 [x2463] a124 [x2464] a125 [x2465]
a126 [x2466] a127 [x2467] a128 [x2468]
a129 [x2469] a130 [x2776] a131 [x2777]
a132 [x2778] a133 [x2779] a134 [x277A]
a135 [x277B] a136 [x277C] a137 [x277D]
a138 [x277E] a139 [x277F] a140 [x2780]
a141 [x2781] a142 [x2782] a143 [x2783]
a144 [x2784] a145 [x2785] a146 [x2786]
a147 [x2787] a148 [x2788] a149 [x2789]
a150 [x278A] a151 [x278B] a152 [x278C]
a153 [x278D] a154 [x278E] a155 [x278F]
a156 [x2790] a157 [x2791] a158 [x2792]
a159 [x2793] a160 [x2794] a161 [x2192]
a163 [x2194] a164 [x2195] a196 [x2798]
a165 [x2799] a192 [x279A] a166 [x279B]
a167 [x279C] a168 [x279D] a169 [x279E]
a170 [x279F] a171 [x27A0] a172 [x27A1]
a173 [x27A2] a162 [x27A3] a174 [x27A4]
a175 [x27A5] a176 [x27A6] a177 [x27A7]
a178 [x27A8] a179 [x27A9] a193 [x27AA]
a180 [x27AB] a199 [x27AC] a181 [x27AD]
a200 [x27AE] a182 [x27AF] a201 [x27B1]
a183 [x27B2] a184 [x27B3] a197 [x27B4]
a185 [x27B5] a194 [x27B6] a198 [x27B7]
a186 [x27B8] a195 [x27B9] a187 [x27BA]
a188 [x27BB] a189 [x27BC] a190 [x27BD]
a191 [x27BE] a89 [xF8D7] a90 [xF8D8]
a93 [xF8D9] a94 [xF8DA] a91 [xF8DB]
a92 [xF8DC] a205 [xF8DD] a85 [xF8DE]
a206 [xF8DF] a86 [xF8E0] a87 [xF8E1]
a88 [xF8E2] a95 [xF8E3] a96 [xF8E4]