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Character Demo

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Character Demo


Character Sets

The document tests characters available in selected fonts.

Notice: This demo specifically does not set any fallback font on the formatter for characters that do not exist in the specific font. You may see characters on the web page in the following example that do not come through in the PDF. This means that the font selected does not contain that character. This is by design.
space [x0020] ! exclam [x0021] " quotedbl [x0022]
# numbersign [x0023] $ dollar [x0024] % percent [x0025]
& ampersand [x0026] ' quotesingle [x0027] ( parenleft [x0028]
) parenright [x0029] * asterisk [x002A] + plus [x002B]
, comma [x002C] - hyphen [x002D] . period [x002E]
/ slash [x002F] 0 zero [x0030] 1 one [x0031]
2 two [x0032] 3 three [x0033] 4 four [x0034]
5 five [x0035] 6 six [x0036] 7 seven [x0037]
8 eight [x0038] 9 nine [x0039] : colon [x003A]
; semicolon [x003B] < less [x003C] = equal [x003D]
> greater [x003E] ? question [x003F] @ at [x0040]
A A [x0041] B B [x0042] C C [x0043]
D D [x0044] E E [x0045] F F [x0046]
G G [x0047] H H [x0048] I I [x0049]
J J [x004A] K K [x004B] L L [x004C]
M M [x004D] N N [x004E] O O [x004F]
P P [x0050] Q Q [x0051] R R [x0052]
S S [x0053] T T [x0054] U U [x0055]
V V [x0056] W W [x0057] X X [x0058]
Y Y [x0059] Z Z [x005A] [ bracketleft [x005B]
\ backslash [x005C] ] bracketright [x005D] ^ asciicircum [x005E]
_ underscore [x005F] ` grave [x0060] a a [x0061]
b b [x0062] c c [x0063] d d [x0064]
e e [x0065] f f [x0066] g g [x0067]
h h [x0068] i i [x0069] j j [x006A]
k k [x006B] l l [x006C] m m [x006D]
n n [x006E] o o [x006F] p p [x0070]
q q [x0071] r r [x0072] s s [x0073]
t t [x0074] u u [x0075] v v [x0076]
w w [x0077] x x [x0078] y y [x0079]
z z [x007A] { braceleft [x007B] | bar [x007C]
} braceright [x007D] ~ asciitilde [x007E] ¡ exclamdown [x00A1]
¢ cent [x00A2] £ sterling [x00A3] ¤ currency [x00A4]
¥ yen [x00A5] ¦ brokenbar [x00A6] § section [x00A7]
¨ dieresis [x00A8] © copyright [x00A9] ª ordfeminine [x00AA]
« guillemotleft [x00AB] ¬ logicalnot [x00AC] ® registered [x00AE]
¯ macron [x00AF] ° degree [x00B0] ± plusminus [x00B1]
² twosuperior [x00B2] ³ threesuperior [x00B3] ´ acute [x00B4]
µ mu [x00B5] paragraph [x00B6] · periodcentered [x00B7]
¸ cedilla [x00B8] ¹ onesuperior [x00B9] º ordmasculine [x00BA]
» guillemotright [x00BB] ¼ onequarter [x00BC] ½ onehalf [x00BD]
¾ threequarters [x00BE] ¿ questiondown [x00BF] À Agrave [x00C0]
Á Aacute [x00C1] Â Acircumflex [x00C2] Ã Atilde [x00C3]
Ä Adieresis [x00C4] Å Aring [x00C5] Æ AE [x00C6]
Ç Ccedilla [x00C7] È Egrave [x00C8] É Eacute [x00C9]
Ê Ecircumflex [x00CA] Ë Edieresis [x00CB] Ì Igrave [x00CC]
Í Iacute [x00CD] Î Icircumflex [x00CE] Ï Idieresis [x00CF]
Ð Eth [x00D0] Ñ Ntilde [x00D1] Ò Ograve [x00D2]
Ó Oacute [x00D3] Ô Ocircumflex [x00D4] Õ Otilde [x00D5]
Ö Odieresis [x00D6] × multiply [x00D7] Ø Oslash [x00D8]
Ù Ugrave [x00D9] Ú Uacute [x00DA] Û Ucircumflex [x00DB]
Ü Udieresis [x00DC] Ý Yacute [x00DD] Þ Thorn [x00DE]
ß germandbls [x00DF] à agrave [x00E0] á aacute [x00E1]
â acircumflex [x00E2] ã atilde [x00E3] ä adieresis [x00E4]
å aring [x00E5] æ ae [x00E6] ç ccedilla [x00E7]
è egrave [x00E8] é eacute [x00E9] ê ecircumflex [x00EA]
ë edieresis [x00EB] ì igrave [x00EC] í iacute [x00ED]
î icircumflex [x00EE] ï idieresis [x00EF] ð eth [x00F0]
ñ ntilde [x00F1] ò ograve [x00F2] ó oacute [x00F3]
ô ocircumflex [x00F4] õ otilde [x00F5] ö odieresis [x00F6]
÷ divide [x00F7] ø oslash [x00F8] ù ugrave [x00F9]
ú uacute [x00FA] û ucircumflex [x00FB] ü udieresis [x00FC]
ý yacute [x00FD] þ thorn [x00FE] ÿ ydieresis [x00FF]
ı dotlessi [x0131] Ł Lslash [x0141] ł lslash [x0142]
Œ OE [x0152] œ oe [x0153] Š Scaron [x0160]
š scaron [x0161] Ÿ Ydieresis [x0178] Ž Zcaron [x017D]
ž zcaron [x017E] ƒ florin [x0192] ˆ circumflex [x02C6]
ˇ caron [x02C7] ˘ breve [x02D8] ˙ dotaccent [x02D9]
˚ ring [x02DA] ˛ ogonek [x02DB] ˜ tilde [x02DC]
˝ hungarumlaut [x02DD] endash [x2013] emdash [x2014]
quoteleft [x2018] quoteright [x2019] quotesinglbase [x201A]
quotedblleft [x201C] quotedblright [x201D] quotedblbase [x201E]
dagger [x2020] daggerdbl [x2021] bullet [x2022]
ellipsis [x2026] perthousand [x2030] guilsinglleft [x2039]
guilsinglright [x203A] fraction [x2044] Euro [x20AC]
trademark [x2122] fi [xFB01] fl [xFB02]